Eat Your Yard with Edible Landscaping

Each season we build new edible landscapes and manage dozens of gardens across the Lehigh Valley. The idea is to mix and mingle plantings that include edibles in every space available to achieve an aesthetically pleasing landscape design that will also feed a family.

Our Services

All New Service Offerings Include a Consult & Planning/Design

Garden Boxes

We create beautiful and functional garden box spaces with sustainably sourced materials and pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, non-toxic garden structures possible.

Spring Garden Prep

Let the Full Circle Veggies team prep your yard and garden for the Spring. All of our garden elements are built from naturally rot-resistant woods, stone, and other long-lasting materials, perfect for your space.

Fall Garden Clean-Up

As the cool weather sets in, the plants in your gardens begin to fade. Fall garden clean up is essential to the long-term health of your garden. Our team will do a full prep for your vegetable gardens for winter.

Honeybee Hive Install & Maintenance

Nothing is sweeter than your own honey. 🐝🐝🍯 What sets us apart from other bee businesses is that we stand behind the quality of our bees and will do whatever necessary to keep your hive alive. We provide hive health inspection, mentoring, and maintenance plans.

Maintenance Programs & Plans

Our experienced crew can stop by your garden on a weekly or bi-weekly basis throughout the season. We bring all of the vegetable transplants, seeds, trellises, organic fertilizers, organic pest control materials, and tools necessary to keep your garden healthy and attractive.

Full Design & Reconstruction Service

Details can make a significant difference in achieving an attractive, well-cared for edible landscape. Plant health leads to happy plants that will produce the benefits we want, such as flowering, berry production, fall color, and winter hardiness.

Growing the Lehigh Valley

Our talented staff and comprehensive approach allow us to create sustainable, edible landscapes customized to site-specific conditions and client priorities. We are committed to the immediate and ongoing success of all of our projects, focusing on intensive plantings and organic soil management to ensure high yields of crops season after season.

Why we do what we do

We blend ecological landscape design with sustainable farming principles to create unique, productive outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves on creating environmentally responsible and long-lasting garden elements. Sourcing quality materials and locally adapted plants ensures the long-term health and beauty of our landscapes.